Agreement with CK Raut message of peace: Bishnu poudel

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RUPANDEHI, March 9: General Secretary of Nepal Communist Party, Bishnu Poudel, has asserted that the agreement between government and CK Raut has given a message that Nepal has adopted a path of peace and prosperity.
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Inaugurating the third convention of the Sundarnagar Drinking Water Consumers and Sanitation Association here today, General Secretary Poudel further argued that the agreement is a severe blow to those willing for nation’s split. “The agreement between government and CK Raut serves as a sting to the yearning for disintegration,” he reminded, warning that none could dream of dividing country.

As he said, it is the duty of every citizen to keep intact the independence and sovereign. “CK Raut has signed with the agreement that he would take the peaceful and democratic way to achieve socio economic and political objectives,” General Secretary further said.

According to him, government brought him in consensus after holding several rounds of talks. RSS n MORE

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